Intel’s Open Source Commitment

The open source model and the thousands who have contributed to it are transforming our world, powering businesses, connecting people, and enhancing lives. Intel has been a catalyst of this transformation ever since Linus Torvalds created the foundation of Linux* on Intel® Architecture in 1991.  Open source is now a driving force for innovation and Intel Architecture remains a vital foundation for open-source-based solutions. Together with other members of the open source community, Intel is helping to drive this spirit of innovation forward.

Intel has one of the largest software organizations in the world, many working in open source. With software engineers and user experience designers at sites around the world, Intel continues to set the pace. For the past decade, Intel has been a top contributor to Linux Graphics, Linux Bluetooth and the Linux Kernel, as well as one of the top three contributors to Webkit*, Chromium* and Android* projects. Today Intel works in open source communities to support everything from enterprise, Big Data, clients, and the Internet of Things.


Intel Open Source Technology Center

The Intel Open Source Technology Center (OTC) is a world-class international team dedicated to working within open communities. Intel commits quality code that optimizes the latest in Intel platform features to drive software reliability, accessibility, security, and performance from enterprise to mobile, web technologies to virtualization, and the cloud.

OTC is part of Intel’s Software and Services Group with a mission to define and deliver product-quality open source software and technology innovation that unlocks the potential of Intel hardware and creates software business opportunities.


Compatibility and Innovation for Your Solutions

As a leader in the silicon industry, we are unique in that we significantly invest in open source software optimization, helping to ensure that a breadth of solutions run exceptionally well on Intel architecture. This gives operating system and software application vendors, device manufacturers, and service providers the freedom, power and choice to build and deliver revolutionary solutions faster, better and at lower cost.

Working with software leaders, like SuSE, Google, Red Hat, SAP, Oracle, SAS, Canonical, IBM, Mozilla, and our mutual OEM customers means, as Linus Torvalds put it, “Intel’s open source team leads the industry, making sure their hardware is well supported…” Our deep open source experience and working relationships are geared to deliver solutions that work best for our customers and partners.


Contributing to Open Source For More Than Two Decades

For more than two decades, Intel has employed thousands of software engineers around the world to ensure open source software delivers, top notch performance, scalability, power efficiency and security on Intel platforms—across servers, desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems.

  • 1999: Intel created the first consumer device with a Linux operating system, the web appliance named the Intel Dot Station.
  • 2001: Providing carrier-grade open source meant Intel-based servers became the platform of choice for Telcos. That work was extended into the datacenter and Intel Xeon® Processors became the market share leader.
  • 2004: Intel’s Open Source Technology Center was formed.
  • 2008: Linux was Intel’s first choice as the operating system for Intel® Atom ™ Processors and in launching the Netbook category.


Our Management Team

Imad Sousou
OTC Vice President and Director

Dirk Hohndel
Chief Linux and Open Source Software Technologist


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