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Intel does Software? You bet we do.

If Intel Software was a standalone company, we would be one of the largest software companies in the world! We touch the global software community through tools, middleware, system software, open source, virtualization, and graphics computing technologies. As part of Intel's software division, the Open Source Technology Center (OTC) is looking for bright minds with a strong desire to make an impact.

We have a long track record of working on a wide variety of open source projects. Over the last 15 years, Intel has contributed open source code and sponsorship at every level of the computing platform, and our world-wide network of open source engineers contribute to many exciting open operating system projects, from generic Linux distributions to projects like Android, Tizen or the Yocto Project. This is a place where people do meaningful work by collaborating with engineers all over the world to develop tomorrow¹s open source technologies.


Jones Farm 1Hillsboro, OR: Intel’s Open Source Technology Center Headquarters

Walking the halls of the Hillsboro office you’ll bump into some of the greatest Open Source, Linux, graphics, Andorid/Chrome developers, maintainers, and luminaries in the world.  This is your chance to be the best by working with the best.  This is not just the HQ for Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, but there is a robust Open Source Community that thrives throughout the region.  If you love Open Source, this is an exciting place to be.


icon-bulletinOur First-Class Graphics Team in Hillsboro, Oregon is hiring.

We are looking for developers with a passion for graphics and a track record in system level open source development to join our team of experts to help us push the envelope of open source graphics. We’ve been developing open source graphics drivers for Intel for over 7 years based on the Mesa project (  Working with colleagues around the world at Intel and elsewhere, we deliver the industry’s only commercial grade open source graphics driver. Our driver runs on several generations of Intel graphics hardware from SOCs to server processors, powering all Linux distros, Chrome OS, and the upcoming Steam OS. Scroll down to see our list of available positions


Intel Guadalajara site pictureWe are hiring in Guadalajara, Mexico! Please see our Job Listings for this location.

The new Intel campus in Guadalajara, Mexico is home to an innovative organization that works every day to deliver the best engineering solutions and extend computing technologies. The campus, itself, leads the way in innovation on social and environmental responsibility in the region operating under a LEED Gold environment.