ACAT is open source and relies on developers like you. Connect with end users in our "community" page and you could help someone communicate.

Project Specifics

This ACAT toolkit was developed in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015 and .NET 4.5.  It runs on Microsoft Windows 10 or newer and is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. 

Intel Labs developed the ACAT system in house, except for the word prediction software. Predictive text functionality is powered by Presage* (, an intelligent predictive text engine created by Matteo Vescovi. Integration with Presage is through the Windows Communication Framework.

Please Note

ACAT doesn’t include Prof. Stephen Hawking's voice for text-to-speech. It uses Microsoft’s Speech Synthesizer API and the default TTS voice on the target machine. (Refer to ACAT FAQ or to the ACAT User Guide on how to change the default voice). Developers can easily extend ACAT to support other speech engines.The UI look and feel is different from the one used by Prof. Stephen Hawking. Developers can create new UI's to support the needs of different users.ACAT Vision is not open-source yet. We plan to release it in upcoming releases.

Contribute to ACAT by Adding a Language

  1. Download ACATResources.en.resx
  2. Use a resource editor to translate strings. SimpleResx works quite well and it has built in support to translate strings into a number of languages.
  3. Generate the resource .RESX file in the target language.
  4. Email the translated resource .RESX file to Sai Prasad (
  5. Identify source material to create the word prediction database. The source should be free of copyright or other violations. Send us a link to the source.
  6. We will generate the word prediction database for the target language.
  7. We will create the ACAT Language pack for the target language and upload it to github.