Update of ACAT 1.5.0

By on 06/13/2019

Release Notes

Source Code

ACAT Installer

1.       Support for dual monitors. Option to move the application window between the monitors and also to maximize the window in the other monitor. This option can be accessed through the Window menu in the Alphabet scanner. Please refer to the Managing Application Windows section in the ACAT User Guide.

Note: If you have language packs installed, please uninstall them and install the new ones included in this release.

2.       Snapping a window using the Max / Snap option from the contextual menu for Notepad, MS Word and WordPad will dock the window to the alphabet scanner and freeze the window width. This is to prevent movement of text in the window due to word wrapping. This is controlled by a setting called SnapWindowDockAlphabetScanner. If enabled, the windows for these application will dock with the Alphabet scanner. The setting can be accessed through ACAT Config->Applications. Look for the SnapWindowDockAlphabetScanner parameter under MS Word Agent, Notepad Agent, and WordPad Agent.

3.       If a MS Word document downloaded from the Internet is opened, Word puts it in the protected mode with a button to Enable Editing. Added a config parameter AutoUnprotectWordDocs to automatically unprotect downloaded Word documents. The default value for this setting is false. The setting can be accessed through ACAT Config->Applications. Look for the AutoUnprotectWordDocs parameter under "MS Word Agent".

4.       Fixed a GDI resource leak related to contextual menus

5.       Pressing ESC in the exit confirmation dialogs of some of the Functional Agents would cause ACAT to freeze

6.       Changed the timer in WindowsOverlapWatchdog class from System.Forms.Timer to System.Timer