ACAT compatible switch available in India

By aparnavg on 12/24/2019


My father is a patient of PSP and has completely lost his voice. I am based in India. I have checked the list of off the shelf switches on the site. All of these are not readily available in India. Can you please share some manufacturers/companies in India from whom I can buy the switches locally. My father's eye movements are restricted, so I am looking for a mechanical/button/squeeze type switch.


Thanks very much!

Submitted by chairy on Sun, 01/05/2020 - 23:59

i'm not sure i'm able to help you find Switches in India, But if you were able to find something, I'd be happy to evaluated to see if it would work. I will also forward this to colleague, To see if they can helpAs well


So sorry I couldn't be of more help