By rtg on 01/25/2020

Hi Pete.

Thanks so much for offering help with Acat. I recently volunteered to help a man who wants to learn biology and maths but his current small screen switch-and-scan system doesn't seem to be adequate for web browsing etc. Once I've found a suitable computer and large screen I'll set up an Acat system for him.

Two questions though:

  1. I gather that Stephen Hawking found Swiftkey text prediction extremely helpful but the open source version of Acat seems to use Presage, which works differently. Presage may for all I know be better but if it's not is there any way to plug Swiftkey into Acat somehow, perhaps at a cost?
  2. What's the best way to navigate web browser links? I was thinking that setting up Chrome or Firefox with the Vimium extension would be the way to go.

Thanks again.

    Richard Giles

Submitted by chairy on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 17:58

your 2 questions

1. we include Presage for free. swiftkeys may be an option. i will investigate how to change the word predictions procedure and get back to you

2. there is mouse, a contextual menu for internet explorer, or just tabbing


hope that helps


Submitted by willwade on Thu, 03/05/2020 - 10:00

Hi All

You may find some licence clashing with things like swiftkey. But fear not - there is a lot of work going on in this area at the moment. I'll try and remember to post here when we have something to share. 

(As an aside - we used presage in MorseWriter - and built a Python set of classes to work with it - may be of use to people stumbling over this on the net: )

But also - there are other prediction engines you may want to use - check out