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Beignet is an open source implementation of the OpenCL specification, supporting the Intel OpenCL runtime library and compiler. OpenCL defines an implementation of parallel computation, one of the most dramatic shifts in the industry providing new performance opportunity through software engineering. With OpenCL, many programs (2D rendering, image/video processing, etc.) can be dramatically accelerated by the GPU.

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How modern OpenGL and GPUs work

This article is for you if you've been programming in OpenGL*, but if it still feels like magic, or if you have previously used old-style legacy OpenGL, perhaps you are wondering why everything is suddenly so complicated in modern OpenGL.People usually learn GPU programming either by a practical approach, where you learn a couple of commands to show some triangles, or via the math route of linear...

Released: Beignet 0.8.0 Open CL Library for Intel HD4000

We are proud to announce the release of beignet 0.8.0. This is a major mile stone release of the project as all the mandatory OpenCL 1.1 features have been implemented. And we get pretty good pass rate with both piglit and OpenCV test suite. And the luxrender could work well also. Please see the release notes for details. Cheers! zhigang