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Beignet is an open source implementation of the OpenCL specification, supporting the Intel OpenCL runtime library and compiler. OpenCL defines an implementation of parallel computation, one of the most dramatic shifts in the industry providing new performance opportunity through software engineering. With OpenCL, many programs (2D rendering, image/video processing, etc.) can be dramatically accelerated by the GPU.


Release Date: 
Apr 19, 2016
source package
Beignet 1.1.2 (2016-04-19)
Beignet 1.1.2 has been released. It's a bug fix release including the
following highlighted improvements:
1. Add Broxton support.
2. Add llvm3.7 support.
3. Fix event bugs.
4. Fix the annoying "Failed to release userptr..." error message.
5. Fix printf bugs.
Git tag: Release_v1.1.2
md5sum: 02d95e967100ca1081298ef7ec32797f  beignet-1.1.2-source.tar.gz
sha1sum: 25345ae20835e553121b7e280ffe0c5bc0fd93c3  beignet-1.1.2-source.tar.gz
sha256sum: 6a8d875afbb5e3c4fc57da1ea80f79abadd9136bfd87ab1f83c02784659f1d96  beignet-1.1.2-source.tar.gz
Francisco Jerez (1):
      SKL: Use kernel-defined MOCS values instead of assuming hardware defaults.
Guo Yejun (3):
      fix uniform case for ByteGather
      add Broxton support
      utest: correct a typo in compiler_cl_finish.cpp
Junyan He (4):
      Backend: Fix the bug of printf in multi kernels within on file.
      Backend: Use KernelArgument::ArgInfo to replace llvm's arg info.
      Add the serializeToBin and deserializeFromBin for kernel arg info.
      Fix the bug when we pass argument with spaces.
Luo Xionghu (1):
      gbe: fix uitofp instruction issue.
Pan Xiuli (8):
      Driver: fix the annoying "Failed to release userptr..." error message
      Fix gpgpu node related bug
      runtime: refine the last_event in queue to a list
      Fix a event leak in create context
      utests: event should be released
      drivers: change the buf size to size_t
      Driver: Fix GPGPU delete bug
      Backend: Remove uselsee ParseCommandLineOptions
Rebecca N. Palmer (1):
      GBE: Don't read past end of printf format string
Ruiling Song (1):
      GBE: Fix unaligned load/store issues.
Yang Rong (10):
      LibOcl: Fix float convert to long/ulong bug.
      Runtime: add CL_DEVICE_SPIR_VERSIONS to clGetDeviceInfo.
      Runtime: return the correct error code in cl_event_check_waitlist.
      SKL: use the hw defautl value mocs index before linux 4.3.
      GBE: Add llvm3.7 support.
      GBE: Move createStripAttributesPass before createInstructionCombiningPass.
      GBE: Add datalayout and triple to ll files.
      fix llvm3.7 compiler_function_qualifiers utest fail.
      GBE: use opencl c to implement llvm.memset and llvm.memcpy.
      Bump version to 1.1.1
Zhigang Gong (1):