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Intel’s Open Source Graphics Driver goes Mobile

BY 01 Staff (not verified) ON Jan 30, 2013

Update: On Feb 13th, we were notified by the Khronos board that Intel’s submission was certified on the first day such certifications were announced. So, the industry’s only commercial-grade open source driver, the Intel Open Source Graphics driver, is now ready to power the most advanced graphics features available on a wide range of mobile devices!


Intel has submitted a new branch of the 3D graphics open source driver (Mesa) to the Khronos Group consortium, to be certified for compliance to the OpenGL* ES 3.0 3D Graphics specification for the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ platform (previously codenamed “Ivy Bridge”). This specification is expected to be used by many mobile Linux based operating systems in the near future. This submission is part of our ongoing effort to provide time-to-market support for Intel Graphics. 

This is an important milestone for Intel and open source graphics. It marks the first time such a driver was submitted so quickly (the first day submissions were accepted) for certification to a major new OpenGL specification. The OpenGL ES 3.0 specification adds new capabilities, such as an enhanced rendering pipeline and new texture compression formats, that will allow graphics developers to create dazzling effects on mobile devices – the kinds of effects that were previously available only to high-end desktops. Since the OpenGL ES 3.0 spec was announced publicly in August 2012, the Intel team has been submitting patches with new features and working closely with consortium members to refine and add tests to the 3.0 conformance test suite.

Intel Open Source Graphics continues to be one of the most widely deployed driver stacks on Linux PC clients, running on all major PC graphics solutions and optimized to run well on several generations of Intel Graphics architecture. Mesa 3D is now in its 9th major revision, serving 20 million users on a variety of Linux distributions. With this submission, Mesa 3D adds technology leadership in the mobile space to its existing range of capabilities.

Brad Rullman
Director of Visualization & Media Software
Open Source Technology Center