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Intel Adopts Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for Open Source Projects

BY Imad Sousou ON Nov 01, 2018

At Intel, we're committed to building communities that are welcoming and inclusive; environments where people are encouraged to share ideas, treat each other with respect, and collaborate towards the best solutions. To reinforce our commitment, the Intel Open Source Technology Center (OTC) is adopting the Contributor Covenant version 1.4 as our Code of Conduct for all projects we maintain and host, as well as for the conduct of our developers throughout the industry.

We chose the Contributor Covenant for a number of reasons:

  • It's well written and well represented within open source communities at large.
  • It provides a clear expression of expectations for all participants, to help foster a common understanding.
  • It represents open source best practices: issues can be upstreamed and the code can evolve as necessary.

We'll also work with the many communities we support and contribute to, and recommend that these communities adopt the Contributor Covenant as well. We believe this adoption will foster further discussion on best practices for codes of conduct throughout the open source ecosystem, as well as encourage all projects and developers to commit to building welcoming, inclusive communities.

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