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Open Source Voices: A new interview series that explores the broader implications of open source development, and highlights individuals behind the code

BY 01 Staff (not verified) ON Sep 05, 2018

Open source is the foundation for many of our everyday experiences. Online shopping, social media, movies, weather forecasting, medical imaging, stock exchanges and much more are all powered by open technology and platforms. It is one of the greatest sources of innovation today—thanks to the contributions of thousands of developers across the community. Yet the connection between community contributions and the experiences so many of us enjoy every day isn’t always clear.

We’re launching a new interview series, Open Source Voices, featuring voices from Intel and across the community that explores the latest in open source development and showcases its broader importance and impact, through podcasts and blog posts.

The series explores various aspects of open source development, from code contributions to governance, community management, advocacy, and diversity and inclusion, highlighting the individuals behind the code. Topics include cloud, virtualization, containers, edge, IoT, orchestration, networking, storage, persistent memory, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, web, and more.

First up, Kelly Hammond, software engineering director in Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, and Michael Larabel, founder at Phoronix Media, talk about the evolution in OS development with Clear Linux. I’m also excited about some of the episodes to follow. We’ll dive into Kubernetes with Jose Palafox and Kelsey Hightower, learn more about Kata Containers from Eric Ernst and Anne Bertucio, gain community insights from Jono Bacon and Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, and much more.

We invite you to check out the series, watch the episodes, read the blogs, and share the series with your friends and colleagues. Be sure to share your comments with us―use your voice to tell us what you’d like to hear about.

Kelly Hammond
                    Kelly Hammond & Michael Larabel