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Why I’m Chasing Grace: To Build a Better Future for Women in Tech

BY 01 Staff (not verified) ON Feb 12, 2018

I firmly believe diverse teams drive better results. I’ve seen the proof in my own organization and across the open source landscape. The more backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives you have, the stronger the solution you can develop. And at a time when technology promises to connect every person on the planet, it only makes sense we have full representation of people building the technology to do that.

That’s why I am proud to support The Chasing Grace Project, a six-episode documentary series by Jennifer Cloer focused on women in tech. Each episode features a different aspect of the story and aims to give a voice to the everyday women in technology, those beyond the headlines.

Topics include the gender gap, culture of tech, role of male allies, and female founders among others. The goal of Chasing Grace is to help women find their paths, and in doing so help retain the best and brightest female talent for our industry.

I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside incredible women throughout my career. I can’t imagine limiting in any way what they are able to achieve. Yet the numbers are alarming: as few as 3 percent of the open source community is female and more than 50 percent of women working in STEM fields will leave the industry.

Personally, I have seen women I know denied opportunities they deserve on the basis of gender. I resolved early in my leadership career to be a strong advocate for women, so this wouldn’t happen again to anyone I knew. Chasing Grace shares this commitment, which is why it’s more than just a project I believe in, it’s a passion.

These are important discussions, and I look forward to seeing the story unfold. More important, I look forward to the discussions and outcomes that will make a difference for women in tech and our industry. I invite you to watch the episodes, share the project with your circle of influence, and challenge yourself to take action. We will all benefit from a diverse tech industry.