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Intel Open Source Technology Summit (OSTS) Highlights

BY 01 Staff (not verified) ON Aug 22, 2019


Software is a strategic asset for Intel and open source development in particular is an area where Intel is leading product and service innovation for the data-centric era. For the past 16 years the Intel Open Source Technology Summit (OSTS) has brought together business and technical leaders from across the company to define and drive our open source strategy.

OSTS 2019 marked a new chapter with the inclusion of customers, partners, and industry stakeholders for the first time. OSTS remains a technology conference at heart and the highlight is the sessions led by open source experts from across Intel. The depth of technical content, engineering engagement, and community focus are what makes this such an important event every year.

Below is a recap of OSTS 2019 with replays of some of the top-rated technical sessions.


OSTS 2019 Highlight Video

Intel and Rust: The Future of Systems Programming

Speaker: Josh Triplett
Content Track: Optimizations


Managing New Memory Tiers

Speaker: Dave Hansen
Content Track: Core Linux


Random Kernel Talk: Implementing Finer-Grained Kernel Code Randomization

Speaker: Kristen Accardi
Content Track: Security


Robots, Performance, and Kits OH MY!

Speaker: Kelly Hammond
Content Track: Edge


Standardizing TPM2.0 Hardware Cryptography via PKCS11

Speaker: Bill Roberts
Content Track: Security