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Check out the New and Improved MinnowBoard Website

BY Imad Sousou ON Nov 15, 2017


I am thrilled to announce the launch of the completely redesigned site that will change the way you think about the program. MinnowBoard is an open source developer board made for intermediate and professional embedded and IoT developers that is powered by the performance and features of our Intel Atom® processors.

MinnowBoard helps streamline product development and speed prototyping because it provides people with broad operating system, firmware, software, driver, and expansion card support. All of the design specifications, software, and firmware are open source and available on GitHub which makes it easier to create custom board designs to meet your specific needs. And the board is FCC and CE certified, improving your time to market.

The new site improves the developer experience by making it easier to learn, adopt, and go to market with MinnowBoard and its open source designs. I really encourage you to visit to learn more and see how MinnowBoard can help your development.

Imad Sousou

Vice President, Software and Services Group and

General Manager, Open Source Technology Center

Intel Corporation