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Intel Increases Support for the FreeBSD Project

BY Imad Sousou ON Mar 13, 2017

For more than 30 years, the FreeBSD Project community has developed and provided updates to a critical open source operating system that powers servers, desktops, and embedded platforms. With its advanced networking, security, and storage features, FreeBSD has become the OS of choice for embedded devices and appliances using Intel networking and storage technologies. We have received important feedback from customers that they need broader and timelier support of FreeBSD on Intel platforms.

Starting today, Intel is more actively engaging with the FreeBSD Foundation and the FreeBSD Project. We will work closely with the FreeBSD Foundation to ensure the drivers, tools, and applications needed on Intel® SSD-based storage appliances are available to the community. This collaboration will also provide timely support for future Intel® 3D XPoint™ products.

Intel’s engagement with the FreeBSD Foundation is another example of our commitment to ensuring we support a broad range of operating systems on our platforms in both the commercial sector and the open source community. We look forward to growing our shared success with the FreeBSD community.