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Bytecode Alliance: WebAssembly Beyond the Browser

BY Mark Skarpness ON Nov 12, 2019

I am excited to announce Intel is co-founding the Bytecode Alliance, helping establish new software capabilities and infrastructure through flagship implementations of WebAssembly outside the browser. We’ve been working with, developing, and contributing to WebAssembly projects for some time, and we’re happy to formalize our collaboration with Mozilla, Fastly, and Red Hat on these forward-thinking technologies.

We’re collaborating on the wasmtime runtime and cranelift code generator, including support for SIMD instructions and other leading-edge compute features. We've also developed an interpreter, the WebAssembly Micro Runtime (WAMR), designed for resource-constrained and embedded devices. As part of the Alliance community, we hope to bring WebAssembly’s performance and security benefits to a range of applications and servers, allowing developers to extend software using a wide selection of languages.

Visit the full Bytecode Alliance announcement and article to learn more about our shared vision and mission. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and participation. If you’re interested in joining the Alliance, please contact us at