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SVT-HEVC Plugin Has Been Included in GStreamer Master

BY Jun Tian ON Feb 11, 2020

We are excited to report that the SVT-HEVC encoder plugin has been upstreamed to GStreamer gst-plugins-bad master. This means no more plugin patches are needed; encoding video using SVT-HEVC is integrated into the GStreamer software and now becomes one of the many encoding options found natively in GStreamer.

To get started using SVT-HEVC in GStreamer, just incorporate the latest master of gst-plugins-bad into your project.

To find out more information about incorporating gst-plugins-bad, visit the GStreamer tutorial:

Thanks for the fantastic job Yeongjin Jeong has been doing toupstream the SVT-HEVC plugin, and thank you for your contributions to SVT-HEVC product!

Let us know on Twitter if you use SVT-HEVC in GStreamer; we would love to hear about it!