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Open Visual Cloud Product Updates- May 2020

BY Vasudha Badri-Paul ON May 22, 2020

Visual Cloud Accelerator Card – Analytics (VCAC-A) R5 found here.

·       What’s New:

  • Upgrade OpenVINO™ to 2020.2 release
  • Add VPU metric support telemetry for Kubernetes* and Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS), which exports VPU utilization, thermal and memory usage data
  • Support Open Visual Cloud SW stack deployment via KVM VM on Intel® Xeon® platforms
  • Several bug fixes

Open Visual Cloud 20.4 can be found here

What’s New:

Docker* image updates to support OVC Media Framework

·       Upgrade OpenVINO to v2020.2 

·       Upgrade FFmpeg video analytics plugin to v0.5 

·       Upgrade GStreamer video analytics plugin to v1.0 

·       Upgrade Scalable Video Technology for AV1 (SVT-AV1) .83  Link  

·       Upgrade SVT-HEVC 1.4.3 Link  

·       Upgrade SVT-AV1 CDN patch to v0.4 

·       Upgrade SVT-VP9 to v0.2.0 

·       Update NGINX* to 1.16.1 

·       GST VAAPI to include lock patch 

·       Add dldt tools to dev images 

·       Misc cmake/make script improvements 

·       Enhance for multiple identical VCAC-A nodes 

·       Several bug fixes 


Smart City (Additional Sample Features)

·       Updated to video-analytics-serving 0.3-preview.

·       Fixed a few bugs in the Kubernetes deployment scripts.

·       New network build option to specify the model network preference.


Ad Insertion (Additional Sample Features)

·       Updated to video-analytics-serving 0.3-preview.

·       Updated the Kafka* service to wurstmeister/kafka:2.12-2.4.0

·       Updated the ZooKeeper service to ZooKeeper:3.5.6

·       Added the scale mode to enable the multi channels


CDN Transcode (Additional Sample Features)

·       Support real-time collection of metrics data

·       Support real-time alarm via email when the threshold is exceeded

·       Support customized resources for CPU/Mem

·       Support Kubernetes deployment with GUI

·       Provide BKC to define what is required for the minimum configuration with running SVT transcoding workloads, such as number of cores, memory to allocate


SVT-AV1 Encoder .83 (Additional Sample Features)

·       Initial super resolution support

·       Mode decision rate estimation enhancements

·       Altref improvements

·       Manual prediction structure support, enhanced RDOQ support, improved warp motion

·       Improved multi-stage mode decision support

·       Added multi-stage motion estimation support

·       Added 16-bit pipeline support

·       Added Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) optimizations

·       Added Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel® AVX2) optimization


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