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Open Visual Cloud July - December 2019 Updates

BY Xintian Wu ON Dec 16, 2019
The Visual Cloud team at Intel continues to add to the Open Visual Cloud open source project at a rapid rate. We checked in with the team to see the updates they delivered from July – December 2019. Here is a breakdown of all the team's activity. 

Media and Analytics Software Stack Images: v19.11

  • About 75 Docker* images uploaded to dockerhub for immediate pull and use:
  • Intel VCAC-A setup scripts and detailed documentation. 
  • Updated FFmpeg analytics to v0.3 and GStreamer* analytics to v0.6.1. Both of them work with OpenVino™ toolkit 2019 R3.

(New) Intel VCAC-A Driver and System Software: vR3

  • First open source release of the full Intel VCAC-A drivers and system software.

SVT-HEVC: v1.4.2 

  • Supported Mac* OS X. 
  • Supported YUV422 and YUV444 10-bits.
  • Fixed wrong bitstream indication for conformance to MainRext.
  • Fixed integer wrap-around in fillerBytes for CBR VBV.

SVT-AV1: v0.7.5

  • Long list of exciting features too long to be included in this blog. Please see the link for details.

CDN-Transcode-Sample: v3.0

  • Upgraded NGINX and the NGINX-FLV module.
  • Sample cleanup.

Ad-Insertion-Sample: v19.10

  • Added the emotion and face detection use cases.
  • Supported INT8 models.
  • UI updated to add a benchmark mode.
  • Supported Intel VCAC-A analytics acceleration.

Smart-City-Sample: v19.10.1

  • Fully developed: the traffic management/planning features, including camera discovery, person-vehicle-bike detection analytics, search and summarization. Support Intel VCAC-A analytics acceleration. 
  • In active development is the stadium management/planning features, including people-counting, queue-counting and crowd-counting.

Cloud-Gaming-Windows-Sample: v2.0

  • Supported DirectX* 9, 10, 12 and Vulcan* apps.
  • Supported Gamepad* and 32-bit apps.
  • Improved latency and performance.