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BY Yan Wang ON Dec 27, 2018

We have created the Open Media Streamer (OMS) project on GitHub, to help accelerate real-time video communication applications for developers. OMS is comprised of OMS client SDKs and OMS Server. At this time, we're announcing that the OMS Client SDKs are open sourced. The open sourced OMS server is planned to be released in Q1 of 2019.

The OMS Client SDKs allow development of real-time communication applications include:

  • Android* applications using the client SDK for Android
  • Web applications using the client SDK for JavaScript*
  • iOS* applications using the client SDK for iOS
  • Windows* applications using the client SDK for Windows
  • Linux* applications using the client SDK for Linux

The OMS Client SDKs are compatible with Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel® CS for WebRTC) Conference Server v4.1.

OMS has benefited from customer feedback since the initial release of Intel CS for WebRTC in 2014. Following years of intense feedback and additional development as a full product, we are excited to introduce it as a very solid open source project ready for use and public participation. Please note that Intel® CS for WebRTC will remain as the Intel distribution of OMS.


Download the source of OMS Client SDK (GitHub), provide your feedback, and contribute!


In 2019, the OMS will be fully open sourced, which we hope will encourage more developers to join us and contribute to the OMS community.

Let’s work together to build a better real-time streaming experience!