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C for Metal Development Package

The Intel® C for Metal development package is a software development package for Intel® Graphics Technology. It includes the Intel® C for Metal Compiler, the Intel® C for Metal Runtime, Intel® Media Driver for VAAPI, and reference examples, which can be used to develop applications accelerated by Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator. A typical application contains two kinds of source code, kernel and host. The kernel is written in Intel® C for Media language, compiled to GPU ISA binary by the Intel® C for Metal Compiler, and executed on the GPU. Host manages workloads through the Intel® C for Metal Runtime and user mode media driver.


Release Date: 
Apr 19, 2018
Linux Package


1. Add GPUCopy examples

2. Add support for Intel® microarchitecture code name Apollo Lake (APL)

3. Remove the dependency on x11 when building the example


clang_source,, release_40, 3c8961bedc65c9a15cbe67a2ef385a0938f7cfef

common_clang,, master, fa75886fa8f25c093b5e174ce07776ccb203789c

llvm_patches,, master, 0871c1462979450e4da828927e2cd7c1a7d2477c

igc,, master, ce05ac01cbda3a31ab014c45bf6f9b69252c0211

OpenCL-Headers,, master, e986688daf750633898dfd3994e14a9e618f2aa5

cm-compiler,, master, 0298c9cc012c37a649dee3ad93057859106fc2e0

libva,, master, f2f9956f1dd871af59f2fd9bc6fdfc6c0992f0d1

gmmlib,, master, b32d2124aa5187b20b64df24d2e83bcbe7a57d7d

media-driver,, master, 3d843ba4d3f9fb31363a257eae3fa751bd818e3c