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C for Metal Development Package

The Intel® C for Metal development package is a software development package for Intel® Graphics Technology. It includes the Intel® C for Metal Compiler, the Intel® C for Metal Runtime, Intel® Media Driver for VAAPI, and reference examples, which can be used to develop applications accelerated by Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator. A typical application contains two kinds of source code, kernel and host. The kernel is written in Intel® C for Media language, compiled to GPU ISA binary by the Intel® C for Metal Compiler, and executed on the GPU. Host manages workloads through the Intel® C for Metal Runtime and user mode media driver.


Release Date: 
Feb 26, 2020
llvm_project 0399d5a9682b3cef71c653373e38890c63c4c365
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igc master 0933210dba9acb3e25d121b9b7d99e87d840e7ab
cm-compiler master 2c05d2b9fef36b6c606baca8ce4b85b70778e938
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media-driver 12b7fcded6c74377ecf57eb8258f5e3d55ca722e