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Performance Portal for Ceph




Ceph is an open-source, massively scalable storage system which provides object, block and file system storage in a single platform, it is the de facto block storage backend for Openstack. The performance and scalability of Ceph is of great importance for its adoption and success. 

Ceph performance portal is designed to present the performance of each Ceph major release on two reference platforms. The goal is to work with the Ceph community to further enhance the consistent performance of the Ceph. The testing results available on this site allows both community members and end users to track performance gains and losses with each Ceph major release. Ultimately, we hope that this data will contribute to developers' ability to obtain consistent performance increases, without regressions, in Ceph performance.

To track the performance changes, Intel cloud storage engineering team build a suites of tests and methodology to evaluate both block, object and filesystem interfaces. FIO, COSBench are the default benchmarks for Block and Object tests. The final Performance results are normalized Bandwidth/Throughtput.

Ceph performance portal used the automatic performance benchmarking and profiling tool - CeTune. It is a testing framework for automated regression-testing that help end users to deployment, benchmark, analysis, visulize and tuning their Ceph cluster in one single click. 

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