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Overview of Cloud Gaming

In much the same way as movie distribution evolved from DVDs to online streaming as Internet connectivity speeds increased, online game services have begun to take advantage of faster connection rates and improved compression techniques. Video streaming lets users stream games in real time from remote servers without requiring that the game be downloaded first. A significant benefit of cloud gaming is that it typically employs an any pane of glass model, making it possible for gamers to play their favorite games on whatever device they prefer (laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone) with the performance they expect. Some benefits of cloud gaming are instant play, no downloads required, and players can play games on a choice of multiple screens or devices

Examples of Cloud Gaming Benefits

  • Online gaming services revenues—The promising growth of online games, served from the cloud, represents additional revenue for cloud service provider (CSP) and a complement to current use models for gaming. Media technology can be used to stream the game content to the end user, applying media encoding or the media pipeline processing part of the stack to deliver the game content efficiently. Visual cloud software stack components can be used for both creation and delivery of the media.
  • Any time, any place access to games—a unique characteristic of online gaming is that the delivery model from the cloud makes it possible for gamers to access and play games from their choice of devices—from smartphones to tablets to desktop machines—wherever they happen to be. This is sometimes called the any pane of glass approach, signifying that because the compute operations are mainly taking place in the cloud, users can enjoy good performance on any device across the board.

Refrence Pipelines Available 

Cloud Gaming For Windows Sample

The Cloud Gaming For Windows Sample reference solution is for Windows 10 OS. This product is based on open source GamingAnywhere solution, which is available on public github. It provides end to end solution for cloud gaming, based on client – server architecture. Base solution has been modified and improved to benefit advantages of the Intel hardware architecture.

List of Cloud Gaming Open Source Ingredients

To learn more about the individual open source ingredients that make up the Cloud Gaming Pipeline and services, follow the links below.