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Intel Graphics Tool Ubuntu 17.04 (Gnome) installation does not start

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Paul Günther

Aug 02, 2017 - 07:02am

  • Hy there,

    I tried to install the Intel Graphics tool 2.0.5 under Ubuntu 17.04 with Gnome (64 bit). But the installation won`t start. I´ve tried it via Software center, dkpg and apt command. Nothings works. Backgroud: I use a Thinkpad X260 with an Intel HD Graphics 520 build in graphic chip. I try to use the X260 Thinkad in the dockingstation to boots a 4k DELL Display. It is working right out of the box, but th eperformance is not good. Althoug the Display uses 59HZ it looks "laggy" and not as smooth as under Windows 10. Same setup under Windows 10 is splendid working. No Delay, easy dock on dock off process with switching on?off internal display. Would be nice if I could switch back to Ubuntu and not have to use Windows 10 for working. I also tried Unity and xubuntu, but booth are not suitable. Unity will be outdate soon, xfce is not good in scaling and too small for a 4k. Althoug, I hope Gnome will fix its HiDPI to have the scaler to be set between 1 and 2, because 2 is way too big to work with.


    Thanks and all the best.

    btw, I miss a search option in this forum.

    Aug 02, 2017 - 07:02am