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Updates are breaking playback

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01 Staff (not verified)

Jul 21, 2017 - 12:34pm

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    01 Staff (not verified)
    I am using Archlinux on a MSI C847MSE33 Mainboard. I has a Celeron 847 with HD2000 Graphics as far as I understood.
    Playback works perfectly on an installation I gladly backed up. The following versions of the Graphic Stack are used:
    linux 4.9.11-1 (base)
    mesa 17.0.1-1
    xf86-video-intel 1:2.99.917+760+ge9cd8c21-1
    libdrm 2.4.75-1
    libva 1.7.3-1
    libva-intel-driver 1.7.3-1
    cairo-ubuntu 1.13-1
    xorg-server 1.19.2-1

    Updating to the current state of the arch-repositories breaks playback with me, especially at 24HZ output - meaning some frame drops or sync faults leading to nonfluent movements or picture freeze which made the whole system unresponsive. 60 HZ playback is more stable but since the input frame rate doesn't suit well to 60 HZ it is hard to decide whether the remaining stuttering could be explained alone by this difference.

    I did an install of Ubuntu 17.04 (Zeisty) and tried the default packages and the ones provided with the intel-update tool as well. The results are similar to the problems I have on an up to date Archlinux installation.

    Since I use the same player (mpv) for playback  and apply the same options and video files  I wonder if there is a known specific change between the versions I listed above and the current ones which might explain the problems I have with my Hardware and especially with 24HZ-Playback. Or are there any suggestions how to find further clues?

    Jul 21, 2017 - 12:34pm
  • Hello Bernd, 

    Assuming that your device is a Sandybridge, there is no performance firmware available for your platform, so, i strongly suggest to use latest kernel , and after that if you face the same issue, you can share your dmesg.

    Oct 24, 2017 - 12:35pm