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Open Source Voices


Open Source Voices, an interview series sponsored by Intel's Open Source Technology Center, goes beyond the code to explore the broader perspectives and implications of open source development, from cloud, virtualization and containers to IoT, edge, robotics and more.



Bringing the Best of Both Worlds to Containers

Oct 15, 2018

In this episode, Eric Ernst, the lead Kata Software Engineer at Intel, and Anne Bertucio, Community Manager for Kata Containers who works at the OpenStack Foundation, talk about the impetus for Kata Containers, what problem the team was looking to solve, how the community has evolved, and what lies ahead.

"Cloud is an undisputed reality."

Oct 11, 2018

by Nicole Huesman, Community & Developer Advocate

Evolving at the Speed of Web

Oct 04, 2018

by Nicole Huesman, Community & Developer Advocate

September marked the Chrome browser’s 10-year anniversary, and oh how browsers — and the web — have evolved over the last decade! Today we use the web to connect with friends, stream movies or events, book a dinner reservation, order a latte, shop from the comfort of home, plan an exotic vacation, and more.

How Is Open Source Important to the Future of Robotics?

Sep 21, 2018

In this episode, Joe Speed, Field CTO of IoT Solutions and Technology at ADLINK, and Greg Burns, Chief IoT Software Technologist at Intel, explore the exciting world of edge computing—specifically, robotics.  The robotics industry is predicted to drive incredible growth due, in part, to open source development and the Robotics Operating System, known as ROS or ROS2.