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The ConnMan project provides a daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices running the Linux operating system. The Connection Manager is designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible, so it can be easily integrated. It is a fully modular system that can be extended, through plug-ins, to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.

ConnMan 1.30

BY Patrik Flykt ON Sep 01, 2015

ConnMan 1.30 was released Monday, August 31st, 2015.

ConnMan 1.30 contains a long list of improvements and bug fixes applied since last release. One notable user visible feature is the deprecation of 6to4 tunneling, it no longer is enabled by default for global IPv4 addresses as recommended by RFC 6343. This was noticed and implemented by Tore Andersson, a big thanks to him for following the latest RFCs and implementing the recommendation in ConnMan.

The improvements and bug fixes include:

  • WiFi enhancements that track Access Point enabling (Bing Niu) and enabling tethering first for unused WiFi devices (Patrik Flykt)
  • Fixes for WiFi handling in case of failure with 4-way handshake, state change (Pasi Sjöholm), WPS (Yusuke Nakamura), provisioning (Peter Meerwald), P2P (Michael Olbrich), memory leaks etc. (Maneesh Jain, Harish Jenny K N), in addition to adding support for anonymous identity (Jaakko Hannikainen)
  • Improve DNS server handling (Jukka Rissanen, Patrik Flykt)
  • Fix issues with DHCP (Saurav Babu, Peter Meerwald)
  • Several internal improvements related to IP configuration information handling (Patrik Flykt, Pasi Sjöholm)
  • Fix building with automake dependency tracking disabled (Ross Burton)
  • Fix systemd service dependencies (Patrik Flykt)
  • Internal improvements and fixes for service and provisioning file handling (Patrik Flykt), D-Bus attribute parsing (Jaakko Hannikainen) and Agent API SSID parsing (Adam Moore)
  • connmanctl command line client now supports all Service API methods (Saurav Babu) with memory leaks being fixed and VPN connections autocompleted (Jaakko Hannikainen)
  • Several fixes to the VPN daemon (Jukka Rissanen)
  • Session policy routing now uses SNAT in order to do a proper re-routing decision (Daniel Wagner)

Thanks for all the hard work and bugfixes go to Adam Moore, Bing Niu, Daniel Wagner, Harish Jenny K N, Jaakko Hannikainen, Jukka Rissanen, Maneesh Jain, Marcel Holtmann, Marcin Niestrój, Marko Sulejic, Michael Olbrich, Pasi Sjöholm, Patrik Flykt, Peter Meerwald, Ross Burton, Saurav Babu, Slava Monich, Thiemo van Engelen, Tore Anderson, Yusuke Nakamura, BMW, Intel, Jolla, Samsung and Victron Energy.

ConnMan 1.30 can be downloaded from:

ConnMan is available via git at:

Web interface to the git repository:;a=summary