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The ConnMan project provides a daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices running the Linux operating system. The Connection Manager is designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible, so it can be easily integrated. It is a fully modular system that can be extended, through plug-ins, to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.

ConnMan 1.31

BY Patrik Flykt ON Dec 28, 2015

ConnMan 1.31 was released Monday, December 28, 2015.

Thanks to Mylène Josserand, ConnMan 1.31 now properly exposes multiple cellular contexts provided by oFono whenever supported by the cellular subscription. In addition, ConnMan now writes its resolv.conf file to [/var]/run/connmand with the provided tmpfiles.d and init script creating the run-time directory and a symlink from /etc/resolv.conf. If the run time directory does not exist, ConnMan falls back to modifying /etc/resolv.conf as before.

With this release ConnMan also improves on systemd support. ConnMan now provides connmand-wait-online which works exactly as its counterpart systemd-networkd-wait-online. By default connmand-wait-online waits until a service enters 'ready' state before reaching In addition, capabilities not needed are removed and with the resolv.conf handling improvements filesystems are mounted read-only with access to /home and /run/user denied in the ConnMan systemd .service file.

After difficulties with the mailing list, the list has been re-enabled and is now up and running at its new address

The by now very ancient Bluez 4.x support will be removed with the next ConnMan release. Bluez 4.x has been superseded by 5.x a long time ago with a genrous upgrade time window for ConnMan users. With no new Bluez 4.x releases for years, we do not want to have dependencies on no longer supported versions.

Other improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Correctly enumerate Distributed Switch Architecture (DSA) interfaces (Laurent Vaudoit)
  • Fix documentation and implementation of ClearProperty D-Bus method call (Naveen Singh, Patrik Flykt)
  • Update and create missing man pages (Jaakko Hannikainen)
  • Try to re-use the same IP subnet as previously used for tethering (Patrik Flykt)
  • Implement IPv6 timeserver support (Naveen Singh)
  • Improved DNS search domain handling (Pasi Sjöholm)
  • Fixes for DNS proxy (Frank Stevers), gsupplicant (Maneesh Jain), VPN parameters (Jaakko Hannikainen), accidental disabling of IPv6 on all interfaces (Abtin Keshavarzian), typedefs for strict compilers (Grant Erickson), potential crash with Bluetooth (Harish Jenny K N), memory leaks (Saurav Babu, Slava Monich), gdhcp and agent issues (Michael Olbrich)

Thanks for all the hard work and bugfixes go to Abtin Keshavarzian, Frank Stevers, Grant Erickson, Harish Jenny K N, Jaakko Hannikainen, Jakub Pawlowski, Johan Hedberg, Laurent Vaudoit, Maneesh Jain, Marcel Holtmann, Marcus Folkesson, Michael Olbrich, Myléne Josserand, Naveen Singh, Pasi Sjöholm, Patrik Flykt, Philip Withnall, Saurav Babu, Slava Monich, Collabora, Intel, Jolla, Nest and Samsung.

ConnMan 1.31 can be downloaded from:

ConnMan is available via git at:

Web interface to the git repository:;a=summary