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The ConnMan project provides a daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices running the Linux operating system. The Connection Manager is designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible, so it can be easily integrated. It is a fully modular system that can be extended, through plug-ins, to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.

ConnMan 1.35

BY Patrik Flykt ON Aug 17, 2017

ConnMan 1.35 was released Thursday, August 10th, 2017.

ConnMan 1.35 improves Session support and comes with a set of bug fixes. Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Session plugins can now look up the service object based on the service ID (Björn Thorwirth)
  • Multiple interfaces can now use IPv4 link local addressing (Razvan Heghedus)
  • Update libnftl to version 1.0.7 and update teh code accordingly (Maxin B. John)
  • Fix pointer usage after free, make -d option repeatable (Slava Monich) and check pnp_file existence (Saurav Babu)
  • Show service method as auto when IPv4 link local addressing is in use (Jose Blanquicet)
  • Fix scanning issues with WiFi P2P, WiFi network reconnection and proper handling of properties for the currently connected WiFi AP (Jose Blanquicet)
  • Loose mode routing fixes (Guillaume Deroire)
  • Do not set domains in pacrunner (Julien Massot)

Thanks for all the hard work and bug fixes go to Björn Thorwirth, Daniel Wagner, Guillaume Deroire, Heghedus Razvan, Jose Blanquicet, Jukka Rissanen, Julien Massot, Marcel Holtmann, Maxin B. John, Saurav Babu, Slava Monich, Bosch, Intel, Jolla Magneti Marelli and Samsung.

ConnMan 1.35 can be downloaded from:

ConnMan is available via git at:

Web interface to the git repository:;a=summary