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The ConnMan project provides a daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices running the Linux operating system. The Connection Manager is designed to be slim and to use as few resources as possible, so it can be easily integrated. It is a fully modular system that can be extended, through plug-ins, to support all kinds of wired or wireless technologies.

News & Blogs

ConnMan 1.24

ConnMan 1.24 was released Saturday, June 7th, 2014 ConnMan 1.24 is a bug fix only release. The most important issue fixed is name lookups using only the host name with ConnMan appending the domain; a long standing error when receiving the response and removing the domain part has finally been corrected. With a few crash bugs also fixed, we recommend everybody to upgrade. Issues fixed in this...

ConnMan 1.23

ConnMan 1.23 was released Friday, April 4th, 2014. With version 1.23, ConnMan now supports the very basics of WiFi P2P scanning. With proper firmware support and latest possible version of wpa_supplicant from git, WiFi P2P networks can be neatly listed from the command line client. For the moment that is all the functionality so far available, further ConnMan releases will support more WiFi P2P...

ConnMan 1.22

ConnMan 1.22 was released Sunday, March 9th, 2014. With this release wpa_supplicant version 2.0 or later is recommended as it properly implements retrying of wrong passphrases with identical code being removed from ConnMan. Earlier versions of wpa_supplicant still work, except that they in certain corner cases may report a passphrase being wrong when it actually isn't. In addition, this release...

ConnMan release notes have moved to

ConnMan release notes have been copied from to their new home on with future release notes being posted on The mailing list stays the same, and we continue to be reachable on the #connman IRC channel as usual. To recap, here are the important links for the project: ConnMan git repository,