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The CPClient is a middleware component that provides support for wireless provisioning of application and connection settings and exposes d-Bus APIs. It implements the OMA Client Provisioning (CP) protocol controlling application and connection settings. It works with Provman, which directly modifies application and connection settings.

The CPClient supports the provisioning of browser bookmarks and the browser start page via OMA CP. Only a single start page can be provisioned but no limits, apart from those imposed by WAP Push, are placed upon the number of bookmarks.

The CPClient only supports a single set of browser settings. If an OMA CP document contains multiple browser application characteristics, all but the first characteristic are ignored.

Finally, all connectoid references inside a browser application characteristic are also ignored. The browser will use the device's connection manager to determine the best way to connect to the Internet. This may be achieved via one of the connectoids provisioned in the CP document but the CPClient does not allow the document to explicitly specify this.

OMA CP Parameter Occurrence Description Permissible Values
Supported Browser Parameters
APPLICATION/APPID 1 Identifies the application characteristic as a group of Browser settings. w2
APPLICATION/RESOURCE 1 or more Characteristic that contains settings for a single bookmark  
APPLICATION/RESOURCE/NAME 0 or 1 A friendly name for the bookmark. A string
APPLICATION/RESOURCE/STARTPAGE 0 or 1 Indicates that the bookmark should also be the start page. Only one bookmark should contain this parameter N/A

As an example, consider the following OMA CP document.

<wap-provisioningdoc version="1.0">

  <characteristic type="APPLICATION">
    <parm name="APPID" value="w2"/>
    <characteristic type="RESOURCE">
      <parm name="URI" value=""/>
      <parm name="NAME" value="Intel"/>
      <parm name="STARTPAGE"/>
    <characteristic type="RESOURCE">
      <parm name="NAME" value="Open Source at Intel"/>
      <parm name="URI" value=""/>


It is converted by the CPClient into the six Provman keys below.

/applications/browser/bookmarks/Intel/name = Intel
/applications/browser/bookmarks/Intel/url =
/applications/browser/bookmarks/Open?Source?at?Intel/name = Open Source at Intel
/applications/browser/bookmarks/Open?Source?at?Intel/url =
/applications/browser/startpage/name = Intel
/applications/browser/startpage/url =