December 15, 2014
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December 17, 2014
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This Project Provides

dLeyna is a DLNA-certified open source solution for Linux providing APIs that make it easy for application and solution builders to incorporate DLNA functionality and services into their products.

The Value of the dLeyna Project

As an umbrella project, dLeyna hosts a cluster of middleware components for the implementation of Digital Media Servers, Digital Media Renderers, Digital Media Controllers and Digital Media Players.

These readily available APIs enable consumer electronics system builders to reduce Build-of-Material costs and time-to-market.

Currently, six components make up the dLeyna project:

  • dLeyna-server provides APIs for discovering Digital Media Servers and for browsing and searching their contents. dLeyna-server can be used in conjunction with a multimedia framework, such as GStreamer, to implement a Digital Media Player. It can also be used to implement the DLNA Download System Use Case.
  • dLeyna-renderer provides APIs for discovering and manipulating Digital Media Renderers. dLeyna-renderer can be used to implement two-box push. Together, dLeyna-server and dLeyna-renderer components can be used to create a Digital Media Controller.
  • dLeyna-core is a library of utility functions that are used by the higher level dLeyna libraries that communicate with DLNA devices, e.g., dleyna-server. In brief, it provides APIs for logging, error, settings and task management and an IPC abstraction API.
  • dLeyna-connector-dbus provides a d-Bus API for the dLeyna services (dLeyna-server and dLeyna-renderer).
  • cloud-dLeyna is a thin wrapper library around cloudeebus. It simplifies the task of creating DLNA enabled applications in JS and it isolates JS clients from the underlying cloudeebus and dLeyna APIs.
  • dLeyna-control is a DMP player written using dLeyna-server's d-Bus APIs. It uses GStreamer to render media content and is used primarily as a demonstration and test tool.

Who It’s For

dLeyna is used by Telcos, application developers, automotive and network OEM system developers to quickly add DNLA. The Debian Linux distribution supports dLeyna.

Project Specifics

dLeyna is distributed under the LGPL v2.1 license.

About Intel Involvement

Intel is the leading contributor and maintainer to this project to ensure the Linux ecosystem has a substantial and robust DNL- enabling capability, supporting the continuation of this leading industry specification. dLeyna is optimized through Intel’s leading contributions to the Linux kernel for Intel® Atom™ processors and Intel® Core™ processors.

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Announcing dLeyna-core 0.5.0, dLeyna-server 0.5.0, and dLeyna-renderer 0.5.0
15 Dec, 2014
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