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As an umbrella project, dLeyna hosts a cluster of middleware components for the implementation of Digital Media Servers, Digital Media Renderers, Digital Media Controllers and Digital Media Players. These readily available APIs enable consumer electronics system builders to reduce Build-of-Material costs and time-to-market.

dLeyna receives DLNA Certified® software solution

BY Margaret LaBrecque ON Jul 03, 2013

The dLeyna project is delighted to announce that Cloud-dLeyna, a Digital Media Controller (DMC) application, has been granted DLNA software certification.  This is the first time an open source stack has received DLNA software certification.  The dLeyna project hosts middleware components designed to make it easy for developers to integrate DLNA functionality into their applications – everything from classic digital media players to photo editing to podcasts.  Cloud-dLeyna is an open source HTML5 reference application built using the dLeyna APIs that allows users to stream media between different devices such as TVs, games players or PCs.   dLeyna high level APIs exempt developers from the need to use low level APIs (e.g., GUPnP) or to understand the complexities of UPnP/DLNA specs in order to create DLNA apps.

“This certification demonstrates the maturity of our client-side DLNA APIs and should enable others to more easily obtain DLNA certification for their media controller applications and DLNA-capable products,” according to Hatem Oueslati, dLeyna Product Manager, Intel Open Source Technology Center.