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As an umbrella project, dLeyna hosts a cluster of middleware components for the implementation of Digital Media Servers, Digital Media Renderers, Digital Media Controllers and Digital Media Players. These readily available APIs enable consumer electronics system builders to reduce Build-of-Material costs and time-to-market.

Cloud-dLeyna is now UPnP Certified

BY Mark Ryan ON Mar 28, 2013

We're proud to announce that we received UPnP certification for cloud-dLeyna's Digitial Media Controller test application this week.

Cloud-dLeyna ( provides a set of HTML 5 APIs for building DLNA enabled applications, i.e., applications that can consume the services of DMSs and DMRs.  Cloud-dLeyna includes a demo DMC written in HTML5 and it for this application that we received certification.

Overall, the certification process was really useful.  It helped us to discover and fix a number of bugs and API limitations in dLeyna. 

This certification is very important for the dLeyna project as it demonstrates that the dLeyna APIs can be used to build UPnP certifiable applications.   As cloud-dLeyna sits right at the top of our DLNA stack, this certification also implies that the components upon which it depends, dLeyna and GUPnP, can be used to build UPnP certifiable products as well. 

Although, UPnP certification is a very important milestone in the dLeyna project, it marks only the beginning of our certification efforts.  Our focus wil now switch to the more challenging task of DLNA certification.