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As an umbrella project, dLeyna hosts a cluster of middleware components for the implementation of Digital Media Servers, Digital Media Renderers, Digital Media Controllers and Digital Media Players. These readily available APIs enable consumer electronics system builders to reduce Build-of-Material costs and time-to-market.

There is only ever a single instance of this object. The manager object exposes a single d-Bus interface,


The interface contains four methods. Descriptions of each method, along with their d-Bus signatures, are given below.

Signature Description
GetRenderers() -> ao GetRenderers takes no parameters and returns an array of d-Bus object paths. Each of these paths reference a d-Bus object that represents a single DMR. Note this method was called GetServers prior to version 0.0.2.
GetVersion() -> s Returns the version number of dLeyna-renderer
Release() -> void Indicates to dLeyna-renderer that a client is no longer interested in its services. Internally, dLeyna-renderer maintains a reference count. This reference count is increased when a new client connects. It is decreased when a client quits. When the reference count reaches 0, dLeyna-renderer exits. A call to Release also decreases the reference count. Clients should call this method if they intend to keep running, but they have no immediate plans to invoke any of dLeyna-renderer's methods. This allows dLeyna-renderer to quit, freeing up system resources.
Rescan() -> void Forces a rescan for DMRs on the local area network. This is useful to discard DMRs which have shut down without sending BYE messages or to discover new DMRs which for some reason were not detected when either they or the device on which dLeyna-server runs was started or joined the network. New in version 0.0.2.


The interface also exposes two signals.

Signature Description
FoundRenderer(o) Is generated whenever a new DMR is detected on the local area network. The signal contains the path of the newly discovered server. Note this signal was called GetServers prior to version 0.0.2.
LostRenderer(o) Is generated whenever a DMR is shut down. The signal contains the path of the server, which has just been shut down. Note this signal was called LostServer prior to version 0.0.2.