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DPDK is a set of software libraries and Ethernet drivers (native and virtualized) that run in Linux user space to boost packet processing throughput on Intel® architecture.  

DPDK library components include:

  • Environment Abstraction Layer - abstracts huge-page file system, provides multi-thread and multi-process support
  • Memory Manager - allocates pools of objects in memory. A pool is created in huge page memory space and uses a ring to store free objects. It also provides an alignment helper to make sure that objects are padded, to spread them equally on all DRAM channels.  
  • Buffer Manager – reduces, by a significant amount, the time the operating system spends allocating and de-allocating buffers. The DPDK library pre-allocates fixed size buffers which are stored in memory pools.
  • Queue Manager - implements safe lockless queues, instead of using spinlocks, that allow different software components to process packets, while avoiding unnecessary wait times.
  • Flow Classification - provides an efficient mechanism which incorporates Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel® SSE) to produce a hash based on tuple information, so that packets may be placed into flows quickly for processing, greatly improving throughput.

Please visit the DPDK home page at for latest source code package and documentation.



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