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NOTE: these are earlier versions of the EPID SDK (R2, R3, R4) for historical convenience. All versions of the EPID SDK are now found on GitHub ( ).

EPID is identity that scales for the Internet of Things and provides unique privacy properties that PKI and other identity schemes lack. Intel® Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) is an implementation of ISO 20008, Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA); IP is RAND-Z so Intel is providing an open source SDK to use it for IoT. The SDK supports both member and verifier functions and includes elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and other math libraries to support its implementation, along with a well-defined math interface layer to allow customization with MCU FW libraries that provide cryptographic HW acceleration, if available. Privacy-preserving implementations of Blockchain and Zero-Touch Onboarding (Take Ownership) rely on this capability in the IoT.