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Austin, Texas
Apr 17, 2017 (All day) to Apr 20, 2017 (All day)
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Intel is excited to participate in this year's DockerCon at the Convention Center in Austin, Texas April 17-20, 2017 as a Gold Sponsor. Please come visit us in booth #G23 in the Ecosystem Expo Hall! 

Massive growth in cloud services and connected devices requires the data center to analyze and transform data at unprecedented scale, adopting new container-based architectures to improve agility while containing costs.
Container-based strategies have historically required enterprises to compromise security for agility, but Intel® offers a best-of-both-worlds solution that delivers both speed and hardware-based security leveraging Intel® VT-x.  

Intel® Clear Containers can run unmodified Docker* Hub containers using standard Docker or Rkt tools and commands. Join the conversation on GitHub

Intel @ DockerCon 

  • Join us at Booth #G23 in the Ecosystem Expo Hall to check out our three demonstrations that will highlight how Intel® Clear Containers protects against kernel exploits like Dirty COW; how using Docker swarm, multiple Intel® Clear Containers can be scaled up in a secure way to meet increasing demands; and how Intel® now supports the ability to switch out the kernel and mini OS within Clear Containers. 
  • Wednesday, April 19th in Ballroom C, come and check out our Ecosystem Track Session, "Hardware secured Docker with Intel® Clear Containers: Status, challenges and future" presented by Manohar Castelino of the Intel Open Source Technology Center.  


Demo #1:  Intel® Clear Containers protects against kernel exploits like Dirty COW
Intel® Clear Containers is an alternative Docker* runtime that secures a running container inside a lightweight virtual machine using Intel® VT.  The Dirty COW exploit, which had been undetected for 9 years,  allowed a containerized application to get full root privileges on a host machine. Intel® Clear Containers provides an extra layer of security that prevents Dirty COW and other unknown kernel exploits from affecting a production environment. Containers can now be run in a multi-tenant environment without fear of kernel security vulnerabilities allowing containers to affect a host or another running container.
Demo #2: Intel® Clear Containers with Docker* Swarm
Intel® Clear Containers adds an extra layer of security to Docker containers by containerizing applications inside a lightweight virtual machine. Using Docker swarm, multiple Intel® Clear Containers can be scaled up in a secure way to meet increasing demands.
Demo #3: Intel® Clear Containers technology is an alternative runtime that is secured by a lightweight virtual machine based on the latest Linux* kernel and the Clear Linus OS. It is possible to change the guest OS kernel used by this runtime to a different kernel, including one based on *Docker LinuxKit, if certain kernel features are needed.