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Out of the Box Network Developer Meetup

Intel SC12 3600 Juliette Ln · Santa Clara, CA
May 28, 2019 - 02:30pm
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Join Intel engineers representing the Open Visual Cloud at the May edition of the Out of the Box Network Developer Meetup. Speakers from AT&T, Juniper Networks, Lumina Networks and Intel are on-deck to talk about Intel® Select Solutions, Tungsten Fabric, Open Visual Cloud

OpenDaylight and Network Service Mesh integration demo, Akraino, and a hands-on lab focused on Intel® Resource Director.

The Open Viusal Cloud 

Title: Simplifying and accelerating converged media, analytics, and graphics services with the Open Visual Cloud.

Media is undergoing a rapid evolution going well beyond the passive streaming of content to a screen. More and more, people expect their content to be rich, immersive, personalized and available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Delivery to these new user expectations requires the content be processed in the cloud and consumed remotely with an advanced low latency network. This Visual Cloud is changing the game and requires an end to end platform perspective.
Media transformation into Visual Cloud services is significantly growing in complexity with advances in AI, media processing efficiency, network modernizations, and fragmentation of xPU options. Challenges exist with the ease of use in constructing high performing media/gfx/VC service workloads and the flexibility to migrate those services to new HW platforms. In this session, learn how Intel and partners are solving these challenges with highly optimized cloud native media processing, media analytics, and graphics/rendering components to quickly and easily deliver end-to-end visual cloud services with scalable open source software interoperable with industry standard frameworks. Two visual cloud services around media delivery and media analytics will be demonstrated to showcase how to speed up visual cloud application development and enable faster time to market for innovative “new media” services.
Bring your laptop as Intel engineers will walk attendees through hands-on exercises including::
  • FFmpeg basics,
  • How to encode video using SVT-HEVC encoder core
  • How to encode video using the SVT-AV1 encoder core
  • Attendees will also gain exposer and insights into the Open Visual Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) 1:N Transcode sample reference pipeline  as well as the Open Visual Cloud Ad-Insertion sample reference pipeline.

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