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fMBT generates and executes tests automatically. It very quickly finds and tests paths that would never be tested by human test designers. This increases test coverage and cuts down test maintenance efforts, when compared to traditional test automation.

Automated debugging of crashes, Valgrind and AddressSanitizer issues

BY Antti Kervinen ON Nov 09, 2018

If a program crashes, Valgrind reports an error, or AddressSanitizer instrumentation has found an issue, it's time for debugging.

Typically debugging starts by reading source code around reported lines, possibly adding breakpoints and rerunning the program to see variable values. This is time consuming task.

fMBT/autodebug is a tool that makes the first step in debugging very simple: just give it the command that crashed or which Valgrind or AddressSanitizer complained about. In all these cases autodebug prints you similar report. Read the report, and you probably don't need to take further steps.

See three different errors (invalid pointer, stack underflow and uninitialized value in a condition) being detected and debugged in this example. Or just enjoy the gallery:

cat buggy.c

autodebug crash by prefixing crashing command with autodebug