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fMBT generates and executes tests automatically. It very quickly finds and tests paths that would never be tested by human test designers. This increases test coverage and cuts down test maintenance efforts, when compared to traditional test automation.


Release Date: 
Sep 16, 2019
  • fmbtwindows:
    • New Python 3 version (utils3/
  • pythonshare:
    • New Python 3 version (python3share).
    • New example ( uses pythonshare for distributed computing.
    • Dockerfile for creating tiny (< 7 MB) Pythonshare containers.
    • New regression test suite - model-based, naturally.
  • fmbt-debug:
    • Remote debugging: debugged programs can call to developer.
    • Post mortem debugging, local and remote.
    • Debug Python 3 programs like Python 2 (utils3/
  • pycosh:
    • Python 3 version available (utils3/
    • osenv: show operating system environment variables.
  • CI/CD:
    • Windows, Ubuntu and Debian binaries in Gitlab by community.
  • libhook:
    • Generate LD_PRELOAD hooks for chosen C library functions.
  • fmbt-editor:
    • Cleaner variable name presentations in visualization.
    • Transition coverage count visible in visualization.
  • Examples:
    • Alternating bit protocol model debugging example (link-layer-protocol).
    • New example generates Robot Framework test code (aal_robot).