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fMBT generates and executes tests automatically. It very quickly finds and tests paths that would never be tested by human test designers. This increases test coverage and cuts down test maintenance efforts, when compared to traditional test automation.

fMBT is an open source project where all development is done in the open, on our mailing lists and in our github repository. We encourage you to use it, let us know what you think, submit bugs, and send us your patches!

Please carefully review our Participation Guidelines before contributing.

Mailing list

IRC Channels

  • #fmbt on


  • When you discover a problem or want to request a new feature, you can file an issue in github.


Clone our github repository and send pull requests! Code speaks louder than words. When you are ready to send code through pull requests, please follow these guidelines:

  • The Git guidelines.
  • Prefix commit summary with "[] ".
  • If fixing a bug, add "Fix : " before the summary but after the component.
  • Follow the standard git guidelines on commit message formatting, specifically:
    • ​​Begin the commit message with a single short (less than 50 character) line summarizing the change.
    • Follow this with a blank line and then a more thorough description.
    • Keep the body of the commit message less than 80 characters.

​Finally, remember to sign your code using our Signed-off-by process.