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fMBT generates and executes tests automatically. It very quickly finds and tests paths that would never be tested by human test designers. This increases test coverage and cuts down test maintenance efforts, when compared to traditional test automation.

The fMBT tool automatically generates and executes tests. It is suitable for testing anything from individual C++ classes to GUI applications and distributed systems, containing a range of different devices. fMBT provides a model editor, test generator, generic adapters for testing through various interfaces, and tools for analyzing logs.

fMBT test generator, capable for both online and offline model-based testing, runs on generic Linux platforms. Test steps can be written in Python, C++, JavaScript, and shell script. Python libraries, such as D-Bus bindings, Selenium, and pexpect work fine with fMBT. A single test run can contain test steps written in different programming languages and executed on different devices.

Test generation and execution are launched on command line. This makes it easy to use fMBT in scripts and integrate fMBT into an existing test harness, like automated regression test suites and continuous integration systems.

The tool is distributed under LGPL as prebuilt packages, source package and at github.

How to contact us

Please visit our community page and use our IRC channel, mailing list, bug tracker, and source repository to contact us and contribute to the project.