December 27, 2013
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May 07, 2014

This Project Provides: Big Data analytic tools and source code.

The Value of the GraphBuilder Project

As the volume of captured data explodes, uncovering hidden relationships and connections through graph analytics will enable breakthroughs in realizing value from big data. Before performing analytics, data scientists must first format and prepare the raw data for analytics, often with more than 80% of the effort.

Intel’s Graph Builder For Apache Hadoop software v2 reduces this effort and speeds time-to-insight, empowering data scientists to spend their valuable time using analytics to solve business challenges instead of formatting data. Use of popular and convenient Apache Pig scripting eases cluster compute programming. Graph Builder routines work alongside built-in Pig functions to simplify the tedious “data wrangling” around data import, parsing, cleaning, feature engineering, and graph construction. The output in widely supported data formats enables use with a broad range of graph database, visualization, and analytic tools.

Who It’s For

GraphBuilder is for big data scientists and other analysts across multiple industries, looking to decrease the effort in set-up.

Project Specifics

This project is maintained primarily by Intel employees who encourage the participation of others. Reviews, patches and other comments and requests are managed through GitHub and the email list. With an established codebase containing well over 85,000 lines of code, GraphBuilder is written largely in HTML with Java, JavaScript and other programming languages and is considered by as containing well-commented source code. It is distributed via the Apache v2.0 open source license.

About Intel Involvement

Intel is the leading contributor to GraphBuilder which is optimized through open source for the Intel® Atom™ processors, Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon® Phi processors.

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