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Pigs Can Build Graphs Too for Graph Analytics

Today, my team is announcing a major update to Intel® Graph Builder for Apache Hadoop* software, our open source library that structures big data for graph-based machine learning and data mining. This update will help data scientists accelerate their time-to-insight by making graph analytics easier to work with on big data systems. We believe that graph analytics will be a key tool...

Ted talks about building a better algorithm

Check out Nestor Bailly's discussion on "Building a Better Algorithm" with Ted Willke. Ted mentions how recommendation systems are quickly evolving towards personalized recommendations and the role social networks are playing in this transition.

GraphBuilder 1.0 Beta Release

We are pleased to announce the initial beta release of GraphBuilder, our first public release of the code base. About GraphBuilder Data relationships play a vital role in various data analytics, structured machine learning, and data mining applications. These relationships can be expressed as graphs. GraphBuilder is a Java library for preparing graphs...