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360 Immersive Video capture

Immersive Video Sample on the Open Visual Cloud

The Open Visual Cloud project includes a diverse span of graphics-intensive technologies and applications. The latest Open Visual Cloud Immersive Video Sample demonstrates a software stack streaming 360 video content in UHD, using the open source software projects: SVT-HEVC, Open WebRTC Toolkit, FFmpeg, and OMAF Compliant Libraries to build end-to-end 360 video streaming services supporting 4K...

GStreamer Conference 2019

GStreamer Conference 2019

The 10th GStreamer Conference took place on Thursday and Friday 31 October - 1 November 2019 in Lyon, France. It was attended by about 200 participants who were developers, community members, decision-makers, industry partners, or researchers in the GStreamer multimedia framework. Intel presented the GStreamer Video Analytics (GVA) plugin developed by Intel to support inference using the Intel®...