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In this early stage of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing era, Intel is collaborating with partners in development, academia, and software ecosystems to accelerate the transition to the AI-driven computing of the future.

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Collaboration across diverse communities is key to building the technology that enables the experiences around us.


OpenStack* continues to achieve rapid growth in China, with companies seeing great recognition in the community for their contributions as well as their large-scale deployments.  China Railway is n

This new report studies female participation in both OpenStack leadership and governance, alongside technical projects, focusing on females who hold roles on the OpenStack Board of Directors, the Technical and User Committees, and the Working Groups, as well as serve as OpenStack Ambassadors, Project Team Leads (PTL), and OpenStack Foundation Officers. What’s great to see in the research is that the number of women in OpenStack leadership and governance well exceeds that of women in the broader technology industry