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On the Path to Open Infrastructure:
A Conversation with Shane Wang
Open Source Hackathon Series:
An Incubator for Innovation
Bringing the Benefits of Composable Infrastructure
to OpenStack*

OpenStack* on Intel® Architecture

Intel's contributions help enable an open infrastructure to address data-centric, compute-intensive workloads across cloud and edge.

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The first step to having an effective monitoring system is to know what’s happening in the system; meaningful statistics from the platform need to be available in order to know if there’s something wrong.

By Edwin Zhai, Lianhao Lu, and Malini Bhandaru


Virtualization promotes high resource/equipment usage. Virtualization allows for the kind of fast provisioning that large-scale applications need. Virtualization improves reliability immeasurably.

Intel was a headline sponsor at this year's OpenStack Summit in Paris and hosted a half-day breakout track.