This Project Provides: Web apps demonstrating cutting-edge features

The Value of the HTML5 Web App Project.

This project showcases several web apps which demonstrate cutting edge features provided by HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 technologies.

Who It’s For

The project is geared toward developers interested in creating applications using web technologies and APIs.

Project Specifics

These demos were created to support developers investigating HTML5 capabilities. Examples include utility and educational apps, with a focus on casual gaming.

HTML5 has introduced several interesting features such as:

  • the canvas
  • local, session and database storage
  • audio and video elements
  • and web workers

The CSS3 specification has also introduced many powerful features, such as transitions, transformations and animations, media queries, and web fonts. HTML5 with CSS3 expands the capabilities of the browser beyond acting as a mere viewer for web content, to actually running web applications. Developers will find a quick reference of which techniques were used in each sample app including an overview of which features of HTML5/CSS3 were used and its license.

For a complete reference, download the repo. You will also need to install the Tizen SDK on your system to run these apps on the simulator or emulator. You can find additional details on the Tizen SDK Developer website. For users interested in just downloading the apps, the .wgt files are available for all the apps.

Currently, all the confer files (config.xml, .project) are part of the application repo. These two files are essential for creating a .wet file to install on the emulator. This initial release includes some games and educational apps. Next utility and productivity apps will be added to the portfolio.

Feedback is always welcome. To become part of this exciting project, check out the Community page and use the IRC channel, mailing list, bug tracker, and source repository to contact and contribute to the project.

About Intel Involvement

Intel works with industry and the World Wide Web Consortium to increase the performance and reach of HTML5. We do this through research and development of new usage models and development approaches, and active participation in web standards committees.

HTML5 web apps are used with all browsers and are optimized for the Intel® Atom™ processors and Intel® Core™ processors.

News & Blogs

Second release of HTML5 WebApps

By Sirisha Muppavarapu on 07 Aug, 2012

I am very happy to announce another release of HTML5 WebApps. This release has six WebApps, three of which are utility apps: Shopping List, Todo List, and Scientific Calculator; one is educational, Tenframe; and two are fun games: Slider-puzzle and...

HTML5 WebApps for you

By Sirisha Muppavarapu on 05 Jun, 2012

The past few months have been really exciting for me. I got to work on one of the most fun projects - creating HTML5 WebApps for the Tizen platform. The whole process, from ideation to app development, and presenting these apps developed by my team...